Friday, 27 September 2013


  • Failure to startle or get frightened to sudden or loud sounds.
  • Inability to locate source of sound.
  • Generally requiring louder sound levels to respond.
  • Lack of normal response to sound at age 6 months.
  • Babbling ceases or change to more high -pitch screaming sounds around age 6-8 months or becomes monotonous.
  • Failure of babbling to evolve into recognizable speech sounds and finally words during child's second year of life.
  • Does not seem to notice or stop to listen or smile to mother's or caregiver's soothing sounds when being fed, dressed or cuddled.
  • Failure to respond to simple commands by around age 1 year unless the child looks at the speaker's face or body movements.
  • Frequently misunderstanding spoken directions or asks things to be repeated.
  • Withdraws from social constant may develop behaviour problems such as aggressive and temper tantrums out of frustration over the constant misunderstandings due to hearing loss.
  • Frequent touch or pulling one or both ear, indicating pressure or ear infection.

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